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Heartwood Creative Workshop, 1A, Building A, 10 Carrington Road
Marrickville NSW 2204


Woodwork classes in Sydney at Heartwood Creative Woodworking. Learn traditional woodwork skills with Stuart Faulkner and our talented team. Focus on traditional woodwork hand skills. Create beautiful objects in wood. Beginners to advanced. Small class sizes.  Woodworking classes - evenings, weekends and short courses.

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Our Workshop

Our workshop is a purpose built facility in Marrickville, designed for the delivery of recreational woodworking and furniture making courses. Separate areas of the workshop are designated to different activities and the bench room provides teachers with a clear line of sight into the machine room. Acoustic considerations mean that the bench room and machine rooms sit comfortably next to each other.

Machine Room

Our air-conditioned machine room boasts a full range of new Felder and Hammer machines. Fine dust particles are collected by the Felder extraction system and further supported by a clean air filter unit. Machines were selected on quality, performance and the technology invested by Felder to reduce noise levels. Safety enhancements such as electronic brakes, guards, concentratic clamps and hold downs and table extensions also made Felder and Hammer machines our first choice. Studio Woodworkers Australia, Australia's "national organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting professional designer makers working in wood" named Felder their preferred supplier of woodworking machines for members.

Felder RL 2000 Clean Air Dust Extractor
Felder FD540 Bandsaw - industrial
Hammer A3 4A Surface Planer – silent power
Hammer A3 41D Thickness Planer – silent power
Felder K540S Sliding Table Saw - 2.8m sliding table

Sanding and Drilling Room

We have a separate room dedicated to sanding, drilling and power tool activities. Sanding machines are ducted to the centralised extraction unit, we also have direct extraction and a clean air filter unit in this area. Mirka dustless sanding vacuum cleaners are located in our sanding room. They feature self cleaning filters for orbital and hand sanding applications and are noticeably quieter than conventional vacuum cleaners.

Bench Room

An extensive range of high quality hand tools are available for student use. We selected from premium hand tool makers including; Veritas, Wood River, Lie-Nielsen, David Barron, Colen Clenton, HNT Gordon, Glen Drake, Vesper Tools and more. We also have many shop built jigs, shooting boards, marking gauges and other hand tools.

Each student is provided with a custom built woodworking bench fitted with a professional quality quick action bench vice, sliding deadman and dog holes for use with dogs and hold downs. All benches have been designed and made by Stuart.