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Heartwood Creative Workshop, 1A, Building A, 10 Carrington Road
Marrickville NSW 2204


Woodwork classes in Sydney at Heartwood Creative Woodworking. Learn traditional woodwork skills with Stuart Faulkner and our talented team. Focus on traditional woodwork hand skills. Create beautiful objects in wood. Beginners to advanced. Small class sizes.  Woodworking classes - evenings, weekends and short courses.

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Woodworking Bench

Make you own woodworking bench in Sydney. Traditional style woodworking bench made using contemporary materials. 3 days to take home a robust, functional woodworking bench complete with vice, dog holes and sliding deadman. All tools and equipment provided. Comfortable well equipped, air conditioned workshop. Short courses in woodworking and furniture making, Sydney.

Whilst mybench is based on 18th Century workbench designs that feature excellent workholding, superior mass and stability, it has a number of additional advantages. These include no distortion caused by timber movement, the length and height can be customised and mybench is easily dismantable for transportation.

MyBench - 3 day bench making course.

Enjoy a unique workshop experience while constructing your customised quality woodworking bench with the designer of Mybench.
Traditional bench design, contemporary materials and technology.
No experience required.
Direct sales also welcome.

You leave with a woodworking bench customised to your requirements and ready to go as our package includes a fully fitted Large WoodRiver Front Vise. Mybench can easily be knocked down for transportation and re-assembly at your workshop.

Day: 3 consecutive Sundays

Time: 9:30am – 4:30pm (half hour lunch break)

Places: 2 participants - you have the run of the workshop!

Materials.   "The LVL top is fantastic. It is remarkably tough, stable and has remained flat after a year of abuse".  Christopher Schwarz, The Workbench Design Book 2010

"The LVL top is fantastic. It is remarkably tough, stable and has remained flat after a year of abuse". Christopher Schwarz,
The Workbench Design Book 2010

Course fee: $3,800 (incl GST) Also includes:
- all materials, fittings and hardware for your customised bench**
- sliding deadman
- integrated tool holder
- 2 rows of dogs holes - 1 front and back for use with hold downs and other accessories
- fully fitted Large WoodRiver Front Vise
- solid timber vice jaw
- set of 4 dogs
- base finished with two coats of water based clear satin polyurethane finish
- bench top finished with protective coat of oil

- use of all hand tools, power tools, jigs and equipment to create your bench
- supervised access to our machine room equipped with new Felder machines
- safety instruction and safety gear provided
- morning and afternoon tea

What to wear: Sturdy closed in footwear

My Bench Features:

Why round dog holes?
"1. Round dogs are easier to create...
2. Round dog holes play nicer with holdfasts...
3. Round dog holes have more accessories...
4. You can quickly make your own round dogs..."

Christopher Schwarz
The Workbench Design Book, 2010

  • Materials: FSC Certified White Birch Hardwood Plywood, LVL, A Bond, EO.

  • Saves time - quick and easy to assemble.

  • Stable - wide footprint, large legs, extra wide rails and stretchers combine to prevent wracking.

  • Robust - extra large tenons provide excellent rigidity and strength.

  • Customisation - height and length can be tailored to individual requirements*.

  • “Deadman” provides flexible support options for planing edges of panels and long boards.

  • Heavy - solid 75mm top ideal for absorbing forces exerted when using woodworking hand tools.

  • Accessories - thick bench top ideal for use with a wide variety of hold downs, dogs and bench vices.

  • 19mm / 3/4" dog holes suitable for all Veritas dogs and hold downs.

  • Maximum clamping - no apron ie. no top rails front and back means you can clamp directly to the bench top.

  • Durable - bench top can be refurbished using a hand plane or sander.

  • Built in tool holder at rear of bench.

  • Tested - rigorous product testing in our woodworking school over the past 5 years.

** My Bench Dimensions: 1200mm -1800mm (L) x 800mm - 1000mm (H) - can be customised within this range
Width fixed at 600mm to give you maximum work surface.

This video shows one of the many features of the MyBench woodworking bench, the sliding deadman. One of the uses for the deadman is to support long boards for edge planing. The deadman can be seen being used in combination with a holdfast.

"Not only do you leave this course with a beautiful custom made workbench, but you also leave with a wealth of knowledge and experience. During the three-day course, Stuart carefully guides you through the process of assembling your own woodworker’s bench that can be customised to suit your needs. Stuart was more than happy to answer any of my woodworking questions and to share the suppliers he uses for tools and materials. This quality course is definitely worth the time and investment. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is passionate about craftsmanship or looking to get started on their woodworking journey. 

Credit to Carol and Stuart with the workshop layout and high quality equipment that is provided to their students to use throughout the course". Matt Bulger, Wahroonga NSW

"Woodworking at Heartwood is somewhere beyond Craft. The boundaries of designing, of making, of crafting useful things are pushed past reproduction to approach original creation. So, it was with the MyBench course that I was lucky enough to attend there recently. While the bench design has been honed over time by Stuart what I made was unique. The result really was my bench. All the components had been meticulously prepared, we had the run of the whole workshop and we worked as a team for three days to complete the assembly of just two benches. As each bench moved towards completion we were able to individualise them to our preferred height, size and fitout. The height of my bench was matched to what is ergonomically suited to the work I will do.  The length and width have been determined to maximise the usable workspace in my small backyard shed. Stuart helped me to fit a different front vice even though this required rethinking the mounting method to incorporate it into his original design. As a result of attending this course I not only have the best bench for me but I had three great days of unique woodworking in a wonderfully supportive woodworking studio."  Phil Nanlohoy, Summer Hill NSW

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Background, The Mybench Story
"Over the years I have encountered many bench designs. I have built several benches as well as teaching bench making courses. I have helped design students construct weird and wonderful projects and pondered the features I felt were either present or not present in the benches we were using at the time. I have read many articles and books written on the subject and researched technologies and materials that I thought could be employed to achieve the features I was looking for in a workbench. With my wishlist of features in mind I set about developing MyBench.

In 2012 I presented a completely handmade prototype of MyBench at the Sydney Timber and Working with Wood Show. I received a lot of encouraging feedback from the woodworking community and continued to refine my design. MyBench is now produced using CNC technology with FSC (Forestry Stewardsip Council) certification premium exterior White Birch Ply. That means mybench is not subject to timber movement associated with solid timber making it stronger and more stable".

Our workshop has everything you need to construct your customised “ready to use” bench including all the gear and know how. Come and enjoy a unique workshop experience.”

Stuart Faulkner