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Heartwood Creative Workshop, 1A, Building A, 10 Carrington Road
Marrickville NSW 2204


Woodwork classes in Sydney at Heartwood Creative Woodworking. Learn traditional woodwork skills with Stuart Faulkner and our talented team. Focus on traditional woodwork hand skills. Create beautiful objects in wood. Beginners to advanced. Small class sizes.  Woodworking classes - evenings, weekends and short courses.

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My Bench

Over the years I have encountered many bench designs. I have built a number of benches as well as teaching bench making courses. I have helped design students construct weird and wonderful projects and pondered the features I felt were either present or not present in the benches we were using. I have read many articles written on the subject and researched technologies that I thought could be employed to achieve the features I was looking for in a workbench. With my wishlist of features in mind I designed MyBench.

In 2012 I presented a completely handmade prototype of MyBench at the Sydney Timber and Working with Wood Show. I received a lot of encouraging feedback from the woodworking community and continued to refine my design. MyBench is now produced using CNC technology and is available for sale.

The students at Heartwood now construct their many projects using MyBench. I am happy that they enjoy using the benches and that the final design achieves my ambitions to create my ideal workbench.

MyBench Offers:

-  A workbench that can be easily assembled and disassembled - (you only need 2 x 17mm sockets!)

-  Individual parts that are light yet together produce a robust, solid workbench

-  A heavy, rigid frame designed to resist wracking and flat torsion box top sections

-  A pipe clamp system that provides flexible vice positioning around the top of the bench

-  Different length vice jaws that provide versatile clamping options

-  A traditional metal vice can be fitted for those requiring a fixed vice

-  Multiple dog holes offer a variety of surface clamping and hold down options

-  The dog holes are ideal for use with shop built jigs and dogs

-  A planing beam for supporting larger pieces

-  All parts accurately cut using CNC technology

-  Constructed using premium quality FSC Certified Exterior Grade White Birch Plywood

-  Bench ideally suited for use with hand and power tools

-  Tops can be used independently of the frame; clamp onto trestles for a portable workstation

-  Assembly and delivery options available

Mybench is now available for sale. For more information and specifications go to