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Heartwood Creative Workshop, 1A, Building A, 10 Carrington Road
Marrickville NSW 2204


Woodwork classes in Sydney at Heartwood Creative Woodworking. Learn traditional woodwork skills with Stuart Faulkner and our talented team. Focus on traditional woodwork hand skills. Create beautiful objects in wood. Beginners to advanced. Small class sizes.  Woodworking classes - evenings, weekends and short courses.




You may be interested in some of our past activities.

Nick Vella Hope Chest.JPG

Hope Chest

There were a number of firsts in this chest made by furniture making student Nick including experiments with CNC and resin along with cutting the dovetails by hand. A stunning array of timbers all sourced locally from Anagote Timbers were used including; Silky Oak, NG Rosewood and Silver Ash. Orange leather supplied by John at Hide Leather. This is a truly wonderful piece that displays a variety of skills and determination to get the details just right.


Den Fair - Melb 8 - 10 June, 2017

Furniture making student Ed Ko was selected to exhibit his “Helio Stool” at Den Fair 2017. Eddy was one of twelve emerging designer/makers selected for 'Front Centre'.

GWP HW sml (8 of 26).jpg

'Together Again' - Alumni was an exhibition of 14 makers who graduated within the first 20 years of Sturt School For Wood.

Australian Wood Review Magazine Issue 95

 Stuart joined invited graduates from the first 20 years of the Sturt School for Wood in the school's inaugral exhibition "Alumni". The exhibition showcased some of Australia's leading furniture makers and teachers and their current work practices.


MYBENCH at the Sydney Timber & Working with Wood Show - June

Thank you to everyone who came along to the Woodworkers Assn NSW stand to say hello and look at our new woodworking bench mybench Our "Make a Workbench Course" is now up and running.